My favorite shoes 5 part 2

my second favorite shoes has to be the moon particle nike vapormax’s.

I own a pair of them i bought from a great friend, i play hockey with him, i bought them for around 180 it was a great deal the shoe it is worth around 250 dollars and i got them 70 dollars off and they were brand new, they are very comfy and there are pretty good to run in. they also look very cool, they do have colours that some people probably dont like them but it do, they don’t give you little hight boost. this is what they look like.      

And for what all you guy have been waiting for my favorite shoe has to be the nike airforce 1 all white, i have had this shoes for alomst 1year and a half,i was one of the first people in the school to get them, now you see them all-round the town and school, they are a very nice shoes, they are all white so they can get dirty. But you can also get the black ones. The AF1’S are a very comfy shoes and they look very nice, they do crease so you better watch that but yeah they are very all time favourite shoes. Here they are.


Nike Air Force 1 '07 Men's Shoe.

my 5 favorite SHOES part 1

top 5 part 1

Number 5 on my favorite shoes list have to be the all white slip vans they are super comfy and they and very light and also very flexible they do crease alittle. If you get them dirty you and use things to clean them cause, remember they are all white and can get very very dirty, so i don’t usually were them in the spring were its very slushy and dirty. The white slips on vans start at around 65 dollar with no tax in Canada. I own a pair of the vans and for the p[rice they are worth it. When you first get them you will probably get blusters on the back of your ankle, but after you wear them alot they wont make blusters anymore.

Image result for white slip on vans

Number 4 my third favorite shoes is probably the adidas yeezys 350, these are very comfy shoes probably one of the most in the world they probably don’t look the nicest but they are pretty cool. I’ve tried pairs on but i have never owned a pair of these shoes, they come in all different color’s and styles. they are very expensive though anywhere from 350-750 dollar. {fun fact} The Adidas Yeezys were actually created by Kanye west. These are the yeezys.

Image result for adidas yeezyImage result for adidas yeezy

Number 3 is the Nike Jordan 1 lows, they are a very nice looking and very comfy they are one of the most selling shoes that Nike made they can come i lots of different colors and designs, they are like the lil brother of the Jordan 1 high, i called the low cause it only goes to your ankles. The high covers your ankles, they low can price range from anywhere from 125 to 350 dollars, my favorite color and designs is the red and black or the red and white. I used to have a pair i sold them though they got to small.

Image result for jordan 1 lows Image result for jordan 1 lows

NHL hockey vs Covid 19 and the pandemic

This year 2020 and 2021 have been pretty weird for hockey teams are bubbling there aren’t aloud to see there family’s only the people they are bubbling with.

Down in the USA there are more hockey teams there than in Canada, USA has 24 hockey teams and Canada only has 7. The covid rules are way different there then in Canada, Canada is way more smart and has stronger covid 19 rules. so Canadian hockey teams have it harder than USA teams. In the nhl they bubble with teams also they have a bubble with all the Canadian teams and, I think forgive me if I’m wrong 4 different USA nhl bubbles. Image result for nhl bubble 2021    those are the bubbles for the nhl.

this year is very weird cause usually the nhl plays 82 games but this year they only playing 56 game’s and they will also play playoffs and there will be a Stanley cup game I’m pretty sure that will mix up the bubbles and stuff but it think they still going with it. They will, just have to get tested everyday, and things like that. The NHL has been doing a good job with not get covid 19 cases.

They nhl standing look like this

  these are the top 25 teams and like they should be my leafs are at the top the bottom teams and Detroit and Ottawa there is a link for you to see the standings for your self.

My choose your own adventure.

in class we are doing a choose your own adventure story’s, it falls under the ELA category.

it is a thing were you get class time to make a story but it has to always have 2 plus options to choose. IN the end you either die or make it back alive or home depends on your story. You can do all different types of story’s. first person of in the past it your  choose they can be sad ending stupid mad and then scary. or happy cause you had it home or made yourself safe.

my story is call stuck in the tunnel of doom it is about you. your the main character and you where walking in your back yard with happened to be a big forest and your parents always tell story about people going missing in the forest. when you were walking the ground felt weird and all of a sudden you fell.

you fell throw the ground and now in a long scary tunnel with very little lighting there are two doors with one door you take one is really old and black one is new and grey with on will you choose like that. that is the whole story point mine is to make it home safe with out getting killed or killing your self there are lots of booby traps and weird doors and ladders.

but you can only choose one of the 2 options one cloud lead to death one could take you home. Its like a 50/50 game i really enjoy working on it in PowerPoint it can get hard at time but overall its very fun and even more fun to play it.


covid 19 rules do i like, do i not?

recently the Manitoba health organization lifted a tiny bit of restrictions

Manitoba is in code red and has been in code red for the last few months and you weren’t allowed to see anyone out side of you house hold. like you weren’t allowed to even see your uncle or grand parents. but now Manitoba has opened restrictions to allow 2 people in a house hold for the next 3 weeks but it has to be like same 2 people every time someone comes over.

they also lifted the banned on nonessential item and opening some stores to sell anything they want cloth food anything.

They also just a few days ago said if you are coming from a different province and something out of Manitoba, you will have to do 2 weeks of self isolation to kill the covid if you have it.

cases have been dropped in southern Manitoba but the northern like Thompson and flin flon are really on the rise but we haven’t been doing as much testing but it still shows cases have been going down in most of Manitoba.

now the big question is, is this safe, is this okay, (reminder this is my opinion) i think this is good but thus  might lead to a big rise of cases but lately there hasn’t so people haven’t took this over yet and ruined it. but this well help the economy and mental health and those are two big things in this world.

my favorite kid friendly youtuber

his name is Harrison nevel

he is a youtuber that is all about shoes and hype beast items

he is from Atlanta

he has around 400k on instagram and 1.4 million on YouTube

he has been doing YouTube of years and his shoes collection is now worth about 75k

he has some of there rarest shoes in the world and his just a good guy and makes lots of giveaways to people and makes just great content, he is kid friendly youtuber and i don’t think he swears and doesnt do any of that stuff.his youtube is all about shoes and clothing.

he mostly just folls around with shoe places and try’s to sell them fake shoes and just cool things with shoes and try challengers with other youtubers to see who can get the better shoes at a thrith store of something like that. he also does trades with stores of meets up with fans for shoes and just stuff like that.

i have been watching Harrison for maybe 6 months i really only got into shoes and cool clothing the last few months so that’s why i haven’t been watching with for that much before that.

i have more favorite youtubers but they not kid friendly so i cant do a blog on them they are Cboys, Nelk boys, baylen levine,flair, logan paul, mike majlak, troydan, Zais ,B,Lou. those are the top ones

i would sagest Harrison’s youtube if you ;like shoes and cool clothing.

Meet 7-Figure Influencer Harrison Nevel - The Hustler's Digest

ice fishing

I love ice fishing

I have been ice fishing for years now we got an ice shack like 3-4 years ago and when fishing in it every year. we haven’t caught many fish in there we usally catch more fish at other peoples or just tenting, but it is still very fun to go out and fish, even if you don’t get anything. We usually put our ice shack at Gimli cause its so easy to get there cause they plow the way to every ice shack, people catch lots of big fish there in Gimli all different kinds to.

My grandpa also has an ice shack but it pretty far away. cause he lives 1 hour away he also has lots of snowmobiles so we just drive those to his ice shack. my family hasn’t set up are ice shack yet so we just go to my grandpa and ammas for the time beaning. Last time i was there we caught 13 fish and there was a few big ones.

i like summer and spring fishing more cause it not cold and you can swim if you get bored fishing you can also fish of a boat in the summer. but i do like ice fishing cause my mom always packs lots of snacks and food and we will have afire in the shack but i don’t like fishing in the shack. I usually just make a hole beside the shack and i catch lots pof fish there. But i would still prefer summer and spring fishing over ice fishing.

let me know witch one you like better

The top 7 ice fishing destinations in Ontario

how Christmas was and what i got

my Christmas was a little weird cause every year i would go see cousin and grand parents but you cant this year will legally you cant but some people didn’t listen so now we still have this covid 🙁

on Christmas eve i had an nice big dinner than watched a movie then fell asleep and the next day was christmas and for Christmas i just go lots of candy and lots of cloth shoes and work out equipment, then we ft’ed are family members wished them a happy bday then we went fishing, and we went for 5-7 hours we also went towing on the snowmobile. and we ended up catching 12 fish.

i caught 2 my brother caught 4 and my dad cause 5 and my mom and sister caught 1 together there was some big ones and small ones, but we let the small ones go cause they were just like 11 inchers not big so actually we caught like 16 but we let 5 go, they were to small .

When we got home were with very cold so we sat on the couch watching another movie and then just hoped that next year we will be able to see people on the holidays and open present at are grand parents houses like normal times you know.

my thoughts on remote learning after Christmas

i think that this will be hard but ill get used to it we had to do something more like this but it was way harder’s cause before we didn’t know anything about this Microsoft teams now we know all about that stuff so it should be way easier, This remote learning is only for 2 weeks, after those 2 weeks we might be back in school and maybe even with out masks{very very unlikely}.

i really hope this covid goes away soon. I think everyone is just feed up with this, some people need to learn how to stay home so we can get this virus to go away and go back to are normal lives and then you can hang with friends again just think of those times and we can get those times back so please stay home then we can go back to normal with big family suppers and all that.

i would very much pick going to school and going to learn face on face in a class room then in a teams meeting throw a screen i think everybody would, but its just so much easier to learn face to face with his or hers help in a classroom. I think this is an okay idea for the 2 weeks after Christmas cause maybe covid will die down and i can go back to school and see friends again play hockey go to places to eat and not have to wear a mask again, i don’t know when this thing is going to end hopefully soon. Just be safe and do what you can to stop this virus and stay home thanks.

rocket league

rocket league is made by psyonix

the object of the game is to hit the ball into the other teams net, rocket league is literally soccer with cars and man is rocket league fun i has become one of my favorite games recently ive had the game for 2-3 years but never really bothered to play it cause non of my xbox friends really had the game,

now that rocket league become free on console so for xbox and ps4 rocket league is free, if you play console i would say you should really go check that out and get it cause it free and a really fun game, the game is usally round 25 dollars so you are saving 25 dollars on a very fun game

in rocket league you can customize you on car to what you want it to look like and you can choose what it sounds like, in rocket league you can play ranked and that like if your very good at the game thats where all the try hards are, you can just play causal games and you can play custom games up to 8 people only, there are dous, solos trois and also chaos and that’s with 4 people on each teams

when i play rocket league i usually play with bennett josh and Xavier and we became a really good chaos group and we came win a lot of games and rocket league is cross play with console only so xbox players can play with ps4 and ps4 with xbox that’s how i play with my brother cause he is ps4,when you win in rocket league you get in game money so you can buy different cars and items on your cars like new paint jobs and new wheels ect.